Preparing for the Glorious Gravel

The Glorious Gravel Series takes us on a tour of some of the UK’s finest gravel riding regions. For those more used to the road than the rough stuff, gravel riding is all about enjoying the surrounding and exploring new roads off the beaten track – obviously coffee and cake still feature heavily.  Our Gravel FAQs will help get you set up for the Glorious Gravel Series.

What bike do you need?

The Glorious Gravel series is accessible to any off-road bike. The Gravel Bike market is booming with all manufacturers offering bikes aimed at all budgets. These fat tyred, drop bar bikes are perfect but the routes are also accessible to those on a mountain or a cyclocross bike. We recommend a tyre width of 33mm + for most of the rides. Our event partners are the gravel experts at Pearson, they have a range of gravel bikes from the Aluminium All Mod Cods, Carbon Off Grid up to the Titanium Summon the Blood.  There will be a limited number of bikes available to hire for the Glorious Gravel ride series.

What to wear

Road gear is ok for most gravel riding but clothing tends to be a bit more relaxed than typical aero fit road jerseys. As you are venturing further from civilisation you will need to carry a few more supplies so factor this into your clothing.  The Adventure jersey comes in both long sleeve and short sleeve and is designed for the rougher terrain you will encounter on the gravel. Cargo shorts offer more rooms for supplies and a more relaxed fit for off the bike wear. Shoes take more punishment than on the road so a hard wearing pair such as the Rough ‘n Ready  which are also easier to walk in will be a good investment. a mountain bike style SPD set up gives you more flexibility than the typical road cleats.

What equipment will you need?

The ability to navigate is essential for the Glorious Gravel series. The Wahoo Roam and Bolt are both suited to gravel and you will receive the GPX files to load before the ride. The Glorious Gravel series is fully supported but you due to the nature of the riding you will see the support van less than a typical road ride. Carrying spare tubes or Tubeless plug, pump or Co2 and a mini tool will help you be self sufficient on the gravel. Clothing layers than can be easily added or removed are useful. Top tube bags and other on-bike carriers are much more acceptable on your gravel bike.