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Passo Gardena

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Passo Gardena is another classic climb of the Dolomites, reaching a peak altitude of 2,121 metres and offering stunning views of this incredible part of Italy. Though not renowned for its cycling history, being more of a popular skiing destination in winter months, Passo Gardena offers a rewarding climbers for riders of all levels of experience.

When to ride Passo Gardena

Due to the effective multifunctionality of Passo Gardena, being popular with hikers and a legendary road for driving the route can be extremely busy during summer months. Additionally, in winter months the route is closed for skiing. Riders are advised, if possible, to ride this route early in the morning to get the full experience.

Riding Passo Gardena

Passo Gardena starts off with a gentle first kilometre, but the gradient soon scales up to an average between 8 and 10%. Once these short climb increases have been ascended, the route levels out as you pass through the town of Colfosco – where you can also stop for refreshments at one of the cafes in the area.

Thereafter, the hairpins begin and the views get more extraordinary, of both the hairpins ahead and behind and of the scenery in the area. Despite these great views, the climbs increase to between an 8 – 11% gradient on the way out of Colfosco, making for a tough if rewarding ride.

Riders have previously described how this ascent can seem extremely tough with no end in sight, but once you arrive at the summit 2,121 metres it is well worth the challenge you have undertaken.

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