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Passo Pordoi

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Passo Pordoi is one of the most famous climbs in the world and makes frequent appearances on the Giro d’Italia. At 2,239 metres above sea level, it offers spectacular views and rich cycling history and is part of the popular Sella Ronda loop, the second climb of the Maratona dles Dolomites granfondo.

When to ride Passo Pordoi

Like many climbs in the Dolomites region, Passo Pordoi is best ridden in the summer months between May and September. The route can be susceptible to high traffic levels and intense weather, meaning May and September are quieter months, away from the peak season of July.


Riding Passo Pordoi

Given its legendary reputation, Passo Pordoi is a very popular ride with cycling fans and this is a much-visited location. Starting in the town of Arabba, you will see fellow cyclists and there are plenty of places to refresh and prepare for the climb ahead. The climb begins straight away, and as you pass the climb marker you will be feeling the gradient change already.

Continuing out, the iconic hairpins soon begin and the road begins to unfold in front of you. After a few kilometres, the treeline will soon disappear and the layout of this incredible climb is soon evident to anyone riding. At this point, the hairpins are at their most intense and riders will be feeling the difficulty of this ride.

Towards the end of the climb, the road straightens out before a final bend as the climb culminates with a relaxing finish. At the peak of the climb, there is a cafe/restaurant which offers refreshment and a chance to take a look back at one of cycling’s most stunning climbs.

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