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Poggio di Sanremo

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The ascent of Poggio di Sanremo begins with 9 km remaining to the finish (3.7 km, average gradient less than 4%, maximum 8% in the segment before getting to the top of the climb). The road is slightly narrower, with 4 hairpin turns in the first 2 km. The descent is testing, on asphalt switchback roads, narrow at points and with twists and turns as far as the junction with SS 1 Aurelia. The final part of the descent enters urban Sanremo. The last 2 km are on long, straight urban roads. There is a left-hand bend on a roundabout 850 m from the finish line. The last bend, leading into the home straight on the Via Roma, is 750 m from the finish line.

When to ride the Poggio

Usually a busy road with lots of traffic, the best time to ride this climbs is on a closed roads Italian Gran Fondo. With Sportive Breaks you can do this during the Milan Sanremo weekend in March. The Gran Fondo Sanremo – Sanremo is a 100km Gran Fondo that starts and finishes in Sanremo and includes the Poggio and the Cipressa. Milan Sanremo tour – Sportive Breaks

In June there is also the Gran Fondo Milan Sanremo where amateurs can ride the entire 300km in a closed roads Gran Fondo. Gran Fondo Milan Sanremo – Sportive Breaks

Riding the Poggio


With it modest stats it is not about the difficulty. It is just 3,700 metres long with 136 metres of elevation. When it comes at the end of the 300km Milan Sanremo it will make the legs of event the best professional cyclists hurt.

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