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Sportive Breaks bike rental terms and conditions

Rental Prices

The price of the rental is displayed on our website on every event web page. Sportive Breaks do not own the bikes that we rent to you as part of one our sportive weekends or cycling tours. We work with professional bike rental providers. When you rent a bike, most suppliers will usually ask for a cash damage deposit which must be paid when you collect the bike. When you rent with us, this deposit will not be necessary.

Theft, loss, or damage to your own bike or rental bike whilst in your care are your responsibility and you must have adequate insurance to cover you for this. Please make sure that your travel insurance covers you for your own bike or rented equipment if you rent a bike. Your bike is ONLY covered by Sportive Breaks for loss, theft, and damage whilst it is in our care or if one of our team members or suppliers has been negligent whilst looking after your own bike or a rental bike.

In case of theft, loss, or severe damage to a rental bike, you will be charged a fee to cover the repair of the bike or a standard fee of €1000 in case the bike is declared unrepairable or if cost of repair exceeds this amount. This fee must be paid before you depart. You must have insurance to cover you for this eventuality.

Storage and Transport

A bike storage room is made available to you on our tours and sportive weekends and other events, or you may be able to keep your bike inside your room with you. We can’t take any responsibility for loss, theft from the bike storage facility or any damages sustained inside the bike store unless one of our team members or suppliers are proven to be negligent. Bike transport may be included during one of our tours or Sportive weekends. We can only be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage if these are because of mishandling by one of our team of partners. In all cases, your first recourse must be to settle any costs before departure and claim on your travel insurance.

Rental period

The rented bikes can only be picked up and returned by appointment. The rental period is the period between picking up and returning the rented products. If the rental period is exceeded without notice, then an additional rental amount is determined based on the applicable rates.

Extending the rental period is only possible after prior agreement by Sportive Breaks. If the rental bike is returned before the agreed period has ended, this is no reason for a discount on the agreed rental price.

The rental bike must be returned to the agreed location. Returns to another location are only possible after consultation, and possibly for a fee. Neither party can deviate from this unilaterally.

Costs during the rental period such as repairs and maintenance are borne by the renter.

Use, damage, theft, loss, injury, risk, and liability

The rented bike must be returned in the same condition as when it was received. We and our partners take the utmost care to ensure that you receive a very good, undamaged, and well-running bike. At the start of the rental period, the renter must check the bike and agree to having received the rental bike in good condition. Any concerns must be notified to us immediately before taking the bike and we must be allowed to rectify any issues. In this way there will be no discussion as to whether the damage occurred during the rental period. The renter is liable for damage and loss of the rented products.

The rented products must be treated with the utmost care. All precautions must be taken to prevent damage, loss and/or theft.
Rental bicycles must be kept indoors and always locked. Any locks supplied and used by us, monitored bicycle sheds or storage in a hotel (room) do not provide a guarantee against theft and do not exempt the renter from his liability to compensate the loss.
The rented products are rented entirely at your own risk.

Rental bikes are given to you in good condition and with the utmost care. We cannot in any way be held liable for any material or immaterial damage arising during or because of the use of the rental bikes. The renter is fully legally liable for all damage caused by the renter to third parties. Sportive Breaks does not reimburse repair costs carried out by others unless otherwise agreed between renter and supplier. It is always advisable to contact us first in the event of a breakdown.

In the event of damage, the supplier will determine the amount. Naturally, we will work with the supplier to ensure repairs are done as cheaply as possible and, where possible, with second hand parts.

Personal data

Personal data of the renter are processed to execute the agreement and to provide optimal service. These will never be provided to a third party other than details that are strictly necessary to provide a good service, and we will handle them with the utmost care.