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Bike Rental with Sportive Breaks

There are various ways for you to bring your bike to one of our Sportives and Cycling Tours. You can of course fly with your bike or you can use a shipping service. If you want to remove all the hassle then renting a bike locally is a great option. Sportive Breaks offer a convenient bike rental service on selected Sportive weekends, tours, and weekenders when you book one of our packages. Your bike will be available for you on the first day of your trip and our local partner bike shop or one of our bike mechanics will assist with setting the bike up for you.

Bikes available

Available bikes are different per trip. Please refer to each event’s web page to see what bikes are available. As a general rule these bike types are available:

  • Standard bike – Carbon frame equipped with Shimano 105 mechanical or similar
  • Upgrade – Carbon frame equipped with Shimano Ultegra mechanical or similar
  • Premium – Carbon frame equipped with Shimano Ultegra Di2 or similar
  • Top – Carbon frame and wheels equipped with Shimano Dura Ace or similar

What is not provided:

  • Insurance – Please read more (right)
  • Pedals*


Please note that you need to bring your own pedals that go with your shoes. Our mechanic can put your pedals on the bike for you. Sometimes it is possible to pre-book pedals, but you must let us know in advance and check availability. The below pedals are available*:

  • Look Keo pedals
  • SPD-SL pedals
  • SPD-pedals

*This may vary by event. Please check the exact details for each event before booking.


Please make sure that your travel insurance covers you for your own bike or rented equipment if you rent a bike. Your bike is covered by Sportive Breaks for loss, theft, and damage whilst it is in our care or if one of our team members or suppliers has been negligent whilst looking after your bike.
Theft, loss, or damage to your own bike or rental bike whilst in your care are your responsibility and you must have adequate insurance to cover you for this. A bike storage room is made available to you on our tours and sportive weekends and other events, or you may be able to keep your bike inside your room with you. We can’t take any responsibility for loss, theft from the bike storage facility or any damages sustained inside the bike store unless one of our team members or suppliers are proven to be negligent. Bike transport may be included during one of our tours or Sportive weekends. We can only be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage if these are because of mishandling by one of our team of partners. In all cases, your first recourse must be to claim on your travel insurance.

Bike Fit Sheet

When booking your bike with us we will ask you to provide us with some information.

With this information, we hope that your bike will be waiting for you at the beginning of a bike trip with a nearly perfect fit. On the first ride, you should listen to your body and see what adjustments need to be made. If you are on a guided tour with us, our mechanic will be on hand to assist you.

If you have had a professional bike fit done, then this document can also be provided.

About you:

  • Height:
  • Inseam (also referred to as seat height):

Your personal bike:

  • Make and model:
  • Size as claimed by the maker:

Bike fit measurements:

You must measure how the contact points (saddle, pedals, handlebar) relate to one another (in centimetres). Please refer to our chart with bike image.

  • A – measurement in cm
  • B – measurement in cm
  • C – measurement in cm
  • D – measurement in cm

Please also ensure you click below to read our

Bike Rental Terms & Conditions