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Explore Europe’s top destinations for gravel riding in 2024!

If you find yourself contemplating your next gravel adventure and you’re unsure about the perfect destination, rest assured – it’s a common feeling. The available options are plentiful and diverse, catering to a wide array of preferences and riding styles.

After a thorough exploration of various destinations, we’ve curated a selection of our top 5 gravel riding spots.

Each of these destinations has its own distinctive charm, presenting a fusion of captivating landscapes, thrilling challenges, and unparalleled experiences. Whether you’re drawn to rugged terrains or picturesque trails, the potential for unforgettable journeys is boundless.


Photo of landscape in Norway, a great destination for biking in Norway

Norway is the home of incredible yet some lesser-known gravel trails, making it a real treat to explore. It’s a dream for anyone who loves the outdoors, with majestic fjords, steep valleys and immense landscapes. Gravel riding in Norway is tailored for any cyclist in search of adventure.

From the sea to the mountains, you’ll discover the jaw dropping landscapes and local Scandi culture. If you’re looking to be immersed in authenticity and to be blown away by the incredible scenery, then Norway is without a doubt the destination for you.

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Photo of landscape in Andalusia, a great destination for gravel biking

Andalusia…also known as the destination for winter sunshine! The south of Spain is becoming well-recognised as a gravel destination, with tracks as far as the eye can see and untamed arid mountains…as well as a welcome relaxed atmosphere. Gravel riding in Spain is ideal for anyone looking for some winter riding in the sun, with diverse landscapes, a rich culture and some all important chill time. 


Whether you are admiring Andalusia from the saddle, or over some tapas while watching the sunset, you’ll soon melt into the Spanish way of life. As a gravel enthusiast you’ll find a playground of terrain and trails, and warm hospitality typical of the region.


If you think you know Corsica, think again! It’s full of unique and wild landscapes, extraordinary trails in the wilderness, and mountains rising straight out of the sea. The “Beautiful Isle” will leave you speechless. Corsica is a dream destination for any intrepid cyclist ready to explore whatever the trail can throw at them, as well as welcoming those who are less experienced or confident. 

You’ll see the jewel of the Med from a totally different perspective. If you’re ready for an adventure, or want to challenge and improve your bike handling skills, or even just want to experience the real Corsican culture, then this is the destination for you!

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View over the Mont Ventoux during sunset in France

A destination that needs no introduction with a reputation as big as its summit, Mt Ventoux entices cyclists from all over the world to its flanks each year. But look beyond the famous roads of the area and you’ll find loads of hidden trails to explore the sights and smells of the south.


Thismythical destination draws those who want to experience its massively varied terrain, from vineyards to lavender fields and winding gorges to beautiful villages. A cyclist on the hunt for a new adventure will find the perfect playground to satisfy their appetite for gravel in Ventoux!

The French Riviera

Photo of landscape on the French Riviera, a great location for gravel biking

The French Riviera is a true treasure to explore and stands out as a preserved haven, far from the tourist hustle and bustle. Between coastal panoramas, hills, and the Mediterranean sea, this region in the south of France will surprise you with its wild charm and invites you to experience gravel biking away from the usual bustle. 

If you’re seeking an experience where the beauty of nature unfolds as you pedal, the French Riviera will delight you with its extraordinary gravel routes, offering an immersive adventure in the heart of magical landscapes in the south of France!

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If you are looking for a fully supported cycling adventure in one of these destinations, you might want to take a look below at our specially curated trips 100% dedicated to gravel.

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