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Puig Major (Soller)


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The Puig Major is longest climb in Mallorca, which feels like a proper col from the Alps, Pyrenees or Dolomites but with local flavour. The fresh air of pine trees and amazing views of Soller disappear below as you climb. Its location makes it normally the middle part of a decent day but this is an absolute must-ride in Mallorca.

When to ride Puig Major

Mallorca is a popular holiday destination all-year round, but particularly in the summer months. Traffic levels can be busy on this route, but do not detract from the overall ride. The road surface is typically very good throughout as well, making for a smooth climb. The best month to ride this climb is in September, after the typical tourist season has died down.

Riding Puig Major

There are two ways up to the highest pass in Mallorca. The shorter route (ultimately from Port de Pollensa) is a quick but very pretty 4km climb from near the top of Sa Calobra. But the main side is from Soller, the main town in the Tramuntana mountains. If you are staying in Port de Pollensa or Alcudia, the route here will have already taken you over at least one climb (the Coll de Soller is very fun and a great warm-up) so you will be hitting Puig Major late morning.

As you ride past Soller on the Ma-11, you will take a right (well signposted) onto the Ma-10, the main coastal road in Mallorca connecting Andratx to Port de Pollensa.  Despite being so close to one of the bigger towns in Mallorca, the road quickly gets out of town and if it wasn’t for the regular traffic and smooth, modern road surface, this could feel like a quite remote pass.

The gradients are very consistent on the climb and the road twists and turns regularly so you always have a different view. Mostly you are shaded by the pine trees that cover the road and the rocks on the left. The first 8.4km stays between 5 and 8%, averaging 6% and then there is a short 500m flat/downhill section. After this the top 5km again becomes consistent, averaging 6.5% as you head away towards the tunnel under the peak of the mountain.

The final couple of kilometres contain a couple of long hairpins until you reach the summit just before the tunnel. There is a small parking bay with great views below which makes for a good waiting point for the rest of your group before heading through the tunnel (rear lights advised) and enjoying the lovely rolling descent all the way back to Port de Pollensa/Alcudia.

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