Nove Colli

Cesenatico - 19th May 2019

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About Nove Colli

The Nove Colli (nine hills) is widely regarded as the first ever sportive. The original event took place in 1970 organised by the local cycling club who still to this day run the sportive. It is now a massive operation with 13,000 riders coming from all over the world, live TV coverage in Italy and completely closed roads over a 200km route.
This is one of the largest gatherings of cyclists in Europe and there is a large expo in Cesenatico over the weekend with most brands there with their newest toys. The ride itself has a great atmosphere with locals lining the route and riders enjoying the beautiful countryside and completely closed roads.

Jonathan, Nove Colli, 2017: "The Nove Colli was exceptional - well organised, plenty of very well stocked food stops. The Lungomare was tremendous - The Pasolini family run an exceptional operation - great friendly service, excellent food and beverage and all spotlessly clean. The guided rides were most welcome & the pasta buffet, which was served daily from 12.00, was on the house - a very welcome surprise. "

The Routes

Nove Colli is a sportive in 3 stages whether you are riding the 130km route or the full 200km. The first and last 30km are quick, very quick. Which just leaves either 70km or 140km depending on your route choice to get over the hills of the Emilia Romagna countryside.
This sportive is organised impeccably with closed roads, well marked climbs and feed stations stocked with energy food and local specialties. The sportive starts promptly at 6am with pens filling up from 5am. You will be given a pen colour instructing where to start - these are well sign posted in town. Straight from the gun the pace is quick as the route follows wide, flat roads. Hold on to a group and see those kilometress fly by (prepare to ride at a good 10km/h faster than your normal pace). From here the climbs start - 9 hills for the long route and 4 hills for the medium. These are mostly 5-7km and mostly steady. The most famous climb on the route is Barbotto which ramps up and up until hitting nearly 20% near the top. This is the final climb for the medium route.
On both routes, the final 30km is largely downhill giving you time to recover before a final quick 12km flat blast. After a final left turn in Cesenatico there is a long sprint finish to the line where crowds of locals will cheer you to the end.

Long Route 200km

The full nine hills. Starting and ending on the coast with a rapid first and last 25km and a middle 150km full of climbing and descending.

DISTANCE  200 Km       ELEVATION  3840 M.
Nove Colli Long Route 2017

Medium Route 130km

Taking in four of the nine hills including the toughest on the route - the Barbotto with gradients close to 20% at the top.

DISTANCE  130 Km       ELEVATION  1871 M.
Nove Colli Medium Route 2017

Where to Stay


The home of Nove Colli and a good choice for basing yourself for your visit. The town is probably the most up market of the local beach towns and for Nove Colli there is a large bike expo with plenty of top brands on show. The race starts early in the morning so being close to the start line helps.


Riccione is home to some of the best bike hotels in the world. The town has a nice centre with good restaurants and a long sandy beach. The bike hotels all include excellent local guides so this is a good base if you are coming for longer than just the weekend and all the hotels put on transfers to Cesenatico for race day.


This is the biggest town in the area and has some good restaurants and excellent bike hotels.



Getting There

The nearest airport is Bologna which is just over one hour away. Transfers are available.

Documents Required

Medical certificate, ID and registration print off

What to Pack

The event starts very early with pens opening at 6am so arm warmers / gilets are essentials. Check the weather forecast before leaving - the weather is pretty consistent in Emilia Romagna but the race has been ridden in rain before.


Race entries can be collected at the Stadio Comunale in Cesenatico from the Wednesday of the event. You will need your medical certificate, ID & Race Pack form that you need to print out from the Nove Colli website.

Start & Finish

The grids open at 6am for a 7am start in Cesenatico. Grids of 2,000 riders are all over town with instruction of where to go given in your race pack. The finish is in central Cesenatico adjacent to the beach,

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